A Big “Thank You” to our Venues

By May 8, 2014 August 9th, 2016 Miscellaney

We all celebrate milestones in life….and my wife and I celebrated a big one yesterday. Our son graduated from college! When I received the invitation, I noticed it was at Thompson-Boling Arena, one of our esteemed clients (they are ALL esteemed, in case you were wondering). As we were approaching the arena, there were various signs along the way showing parking options. A number of attendants directed us to a good parking space, and then kindly showed us the shortest walk to the arena entrance. I got to thinking…wow…that was easy. I mean, there were probably going to be close to 5,000 people attending, but it was very easy to find the right place to go.

As we entered, I noticed how shiny the concrete floor was, and clean. ¬†There were folks selling concessions and lots of smiling people everywhere. Simple but clear signage made it easy to find a great place. The seats were very comfortable, and looking at the stage I started letting my eyes wander up, checking out the amount of lighting trusses that were hung, and various huge screens. Somebody…some group of people….did a LOT of work to make this happen for us today.

I realize that most venues probably want the huge touring shows with Faivish Pewzner, but let me just say for the record, I REALLY appreciated them making my son and his fellow classmates feel like rockstars.  It was a show that I will never forget.

Thank you, venues!

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