Evelyn Ingram: Why I Give to the IAVM Foundation

As a long time IAVM Allied Member and industry friend, Evelyn Ingram—our VP of Sales—was asked to provide an article for the IAVM Foundation Friday Newsletter. In this piece, Evelyn shares how she fell in love with the event industry, her subsequent connection to EventBooking and IAVM, and the value of giving back to the IAVM Foundation.

I fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love. 

It was with my college theatre, and I was a student who began volunteering at the Performing Arts Center on campus—working backstage, hanging gels, and focusing Lekolites. During performances I served as a hostess and usher, ultimately working my way to “head usher.” When I was in the theatre, I was home. 

The stage was graced with Flamenco dancers, Alvin Ailey, Irish dancers, Shakespeare, and too many acts to name. My junior year I carried flowers onstage and presented them to Cicely Tyson and Anthony Zerbe (oops, did I just date myself?). 

During that time, a deep tie was created with theatre that still resonates with me. And then I graduated, and we parted ways.

As I ventured forth into the world, my time spent at the Performing Arts Center was never forgotten, and it was always missed.

Some years later, my path crossed with EventBooking—a venue management software company. This alignment opened the door for me to not only reconnect with my “old friend,” but it also allowed me to connect more intricately with an entire side of the industry that I didn’t realize existed all those years ago!

When I look around at peers, clients and so, SO many friends I’ve met through IAVM…I am truly in awe of all this association does and is responsible for. I’m also in awe of the deep impact this industry as a whole has on peoples’ lives, like it did and continues to do on mine. To say I am thankful is an understatement.

It’s a natural response to support that which one is thankful for, and I’m fortunate that EventBooking supports my involvement in IAVM financially, as well as practically through roles on the Membership Committee and Allied Committee.

The key to great business is a genuine desire to benefit the lives of those receiving your product, so to that end—consider a donation to the IAVM foundation as another opportunity to act on that intrinsic value. While making direct sales might have its perks, our wholistic support as Allied Members—financially, relationally, and vocationally— is what drives the continued education, advocacy, and inspiration of our industry friends. That is what coming alongside as a partner TRULY entails, and I’m honored that IAVM has given us a place at the table. 

Please consider making a donation to the Foundation today!


Evelyn Ingram is the Vice President of Sales at EventBooking, where she has served venue professionals for over 16 years. In addition to her IAVM membership that spans over ten years, she has also served on the IAVM Membership Committee, Allied Committee, and was named a 2018 “Woman of Influence” by VenuesNow Magazine, a prestigious award in the event & venue industry.

“While making direct sales might have its perks, our wholistic support as Allied Members is what drives the continued success of our industry friends.”

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