Walking the Walk: Serving Venue Professionals in 2020

By August 26, 2020 Tips and Tricks

In 2020, it’s never been more important for software providers to “walk the walk” in their caliber of service to venue professionals. Steve Mackenzie, President of EventBooking, discusses more below:

The rollercoaster that is 2020 continues to teach me things about myself and how we conduct ourselves in business. From the early days of COVID-19, when none of us knew what this would mean for our world, to now…when we still don’t fully know the road ahead.

However, what I have learned by now is that when the “chips are down,” empathy and flexibility are two of the most important tenets we can adhere to as a company. This should always be true for companies that serve event and venue professionals, but especially now.

When a software provider is courting a new client venue, of course they should do their utmost to build trust and foster confidence in their products or services. But after the sale is made is when it really matters—how that provider delivers on what they promised. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for some software suppliers. We have heard clients use the phrase “sell the dream, but deliver the nightmare” in reference to their previous technology partners, and how their initial promises ultimately fell flat.

That is why I regularly emphasize this truth to the team at EventBooking: we are not a software company—we are a service company first and foremost, and we happen to make great software for venue management and booking. While the software itself is important, our delivery and subsequent service is the differentiating factor we strive for. 

I digress—these principles should ring true all the time, but in times of incredible hardship like our industry is facing now, this is when we have to go above and beyond. Not with words, but with action. It’s all very well to put statements out about how much a company may care for their clients, but now the true test is what that company does when their clients are struggling to stay in business.

When a client facility asks for financial assistance, it would be easy as a vendor to hide behind a signed contract and say “Yes, I understand times are tough right now, but you did sign a contract saying you would pay XXX, and we need that money to stay in business too.” That level of service doesn’t cut it. And that’s one of the reasons why we don’t ever lock clients into a long-winded contract full of legal-ese. We have a simple Service Agreement outlining the basic commercials, but it’s always flexible.

Right now, people need flexibility and empathy more than ever. I come from New Zealand, where we have a special saying: ”Don’t be a d*ck.” 

Pardon my French—or my Kiwi—but that’s especially relevant today as we all try and get through the worst crisis to ever hit our industry. Our venues are hurting, and we all need to step up and do what we can to help them survive this.

In the meantime, here’s a few ways we’re sharing the burden with those in our client family, or those interested in becoming a part of it.

Steve Mackenzie is President at EventBooking, an innovative, cloud-based venue management solution that has over 1,000 clients around the globe. Based on regular polling of their client-base, EventBooking retains a 99% customer satisfaction level.

“In times of incredible hardship like our industry is facing now, customer care should go above and beyond—not with words, but with action.”

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