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I have always believed that celebrations are important. My son graduated college a few weeks ago, and we celebrated by going backpacking around Europe. It energizes me just thinking about it…we had a blast.  At EB, we look for any excuse to celebrate! We celebrate birthdays. We celebrate Fridays. We celebrate the coming of summer. We celebrate achievements. We find almost any excuse for someone to run out and get donuts!

I am no researcher, but I believe that the ebb and flow of life is best served when we get ourselves out of an ebb, and move into a flow…rather than just waiting for it. Celebrations are a great way to do that.

For our friends who find themselves in the daily grind and with little time to celebrate, one of my hopes and dreams for EB is that our software will make it easier for you to find more time to celebrate life. Seriously — I am not kidding. Software to make software is boring. Software that can help people have a fuller life is exciting!  We are not perfect, nor is our software, but that is our goal.

I hope in the coming days and months you can enjoy some great celebrations with your team, your friends, and your families. It makes life SO much better.

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  • Jerry Thress says:

    We are really going to celebrate this Summer…. Wedding tomorrow morning.

    July a new member of the Thress family will be born.

    God is Good al the time.

    Jerry Thress

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