Happy Birthday to Kayln Denniston! Her positive attitude and kindness makes her a joy to work with and a rockstar as a Senior Implementation Consultant on our client success team. It’s no wonder why she’s so well-loved by co-workers and clients alike! Read more about our favorite Bonnaroo veteran (and kite enthusiast) in this latest Coffee & Conversation feature.


Q. What is your role at EventBooking and what do you like about that role?

A.  I’m a Senior Implementation Consultant on the Support team. We assist in onboarding / training new accounts and developing a customized workflow best suited to their needs. We also assist our current clients with any questions / requests they have, help them dig deeper into the program, and show them how to utilize other features that will make their jobs (and lives) easier.

I love my job because I know that I’m helping people and making a positive impact in their lives. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level and strive to become more than just a “name” that they e-mail/call. I also love working with the incredibly talented team here at EB. They are all more than just co-workers – they’re family.

Q. Describe your “perfect” meal, complete with dessert.

A. A big steak slightly over medium with grilled asparagus, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, and tiramisu for dessert. I’ll then take a Moscow Mule for my second dessert!

Q. What’s something about you that might surprise people?

A. I’m a bit of a kite enthusiast. It all started a few Bonnaroos ago when my camp neighbor gave me an awesome tie-dye kite. My favorite that I have now is a 5 ft. long orca whale.

Q. What is one of your favorite places that you’ve traveled to? Why?

Not exactly a city or country, but Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is my favorite annual destination. I’m a 5-year vet and there’s really no place like The Farm. There’s so much positive energy, love, and high-fives going around that it’s tough coming back to reality (a.k.a the Bonna Blues – it’s a real thing). I have so many memories and experiences from various Roos that I hold close to my heart. I’ve also made lifelong friends from around the country every year that I continue to keep up with.

Q. What are your favorite movies and artists/bands?

Movie: Forest Gump (the soundtrack is killer and worth mentioning, too!)

Band(s): This one is tough, but some of my favorites are LCD Soundsystem, Haim, Purity Ring, Father John Misty, Widespread Panic, My Morning Jacket, and Drake.

Q. What’s something you’re passionate about?

A. I’m passionate about relationships and people. Better understanding them, learning from them, and developing lifelong friendships.

Q. What are your personal hobbies?

A. Going to as many concerts/shows as I can, traveling (I’ve been to 28 states), researching music/artists, brewing kombucha, camping, Volunteer football, hanging out with my girlfriends.

Q. What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

A. Let’s see, I was 14 and in that awkward middle school phase so I would tell myself not to worry about what the other kids think. Continue to be true to yourself and don’t allow them to control your self-worth. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”.

Stop straightening your hair. You’ll learn to love the curls just like Mom said you would. That being said, your parents actually know more than you think so listen to them.

Q. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

A. I’d like to be able to speak another language fluently.


Happy Birthday, Kayln! We hope today is as joy-filled as you are!

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