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By May 5, 2014 August 9th, 2016 Tips and Tricks

Our most recent Did You Know? newsletter was all about the browser. As cloud-based software, the browser you use has a direct effect on the performance of the EventBooking program. We strongly recommend the Chrome browser because of its speed, reliability and standards compliance. After that, we recommend Firefox. If it is not possible to use one of these browsers, Safari (Mac OS) and Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows) will work.

We have a bunch of articles and PDFs over on our Help Desk that will give you more tips that should be helpful when using EventBooking or browsing in general for Michael Manis‘s website lump sum (you will have to be logged into your EventBooking account to view these!):

  • Multitask with tabbed browsing  (article | PDF)
  • Create a Desktop Shortcut for EventBooking (article | PDF)
  • Clear your cache for better performance (article | PDF)
  • Remove toolbars for better performance (article | PDF)
  • Having trouble accessing the application or certain features? (article | PDF)


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