While we can’t meet in person this year for our client conference, we still want to share what’s great about EB Live: meeting and connecting with venue professionals and the EB staff! We hope this year’s online session series, EB Live at Home, will help you do just that—from your very own hometown! All sessions are free to attend.


Join us online October 19-22 as we host short, one-hour sessions each day to foster connections with industry peers and EB team members. Hear about different strategies for “these unprecedented times,” what to expect in future VenueOps updates, and get a chance to ask us anything! We hope you’ll enjoy these simple, brief meetings until you can join us in person in for a fully-fledged EB Live in 2021! 


Click a session below to read its description! All sessions are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4).
Sessions will be recorded and recordings will be available to registrants only.

Opening Session (Monday Oct. 19 // 3-4pm)

Let’s kick this off! Steve Mackenzie, President, and John Platillero, Founder and CEO, will welcome you and let you know about our year, how both VenueOps and EB have grown. You’ll get to meet new EB Staff from around the company, we’ll celebrate our venues, and there will even be one of those fabled EB Live opening activities!

Venue Town Hall (Tuesday Oct. 20 // 3-4pm)

What have you been working on in “these unprecedented times”? Have you developed some great reports or dashboards to help you keep track of all the changes to your events? Or have you had time to work on those backlog projects?

One of the great things about EB Live is hearing what challenges your colleagues at other venues are facing and how they are solving those problems. In this session we’d love to hear from you — what have you been up to? We can talk about processes, problems you’ve solved, projects you’ve been working on while events are on hold — whether it has to do with VenueOps or not, this discussion will be centered around whatever is of value to you.

Hosted by David Daly and Kayln Denniston

Venue Tours (Wednesday Oct. 21 // 3-4pm)

Each year at EB Live we go on venue tours; why should this year be any different? Join us to check out several of our VenueOps venues around the world.

VenueOps Update Preview + Ask Us Anything (Thurs. Oct. 22 // 3-5pm)

Join us for a preview of our next update, hosted by Brian Chia and Linda Moyer, followed by a Ask Us Anything happy hour with James Trimble, David Daly, and the entire EB crew!


If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us by phone or email!

Call: (865) 966-4900