Integrations make VenueOps even better.

We know most venues rely on multiple systems for their day-to-day business. VenueOps integrates with the tools you already use to prevent going back and forth between siloed solutions. From ticketing, to point-of-sale, to ERP software—VenueOps can connect with any platform of your team’s choosing.


These Standard Integrations come “out of the box,” which means they’re ready to go whenever you are, and require minimal scoping and implementation time:


Ticketing, Donor Management, and CRM software


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Website / Data Feed

Event info feed for your CMS


Electronic Signature Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Online Inquiry Forms

Public-facing form on your website


Destination Marketing Software


Accounting Software

Digital Signage

Ping HD, Four Winds Interactive, Janus, etc.

“The integration capability of VenueOps allows us to have the best of both worlds—the specialized functionality of different tools, without settling for a mediocre, single system trying to be all things at once.”          – Mardeen Mattix, CFO at San Diego Convention Center


We also offer custom integrations! More specific to your workflow, custom integrations require further project scoping to determine pricing and implementation time. Below are some examples of custom integrations we’ve done in the past:

Oracle Netsuite

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software


Point of sale, inventory, and analytics software

Wilken Software Group

ERP and CRM software

Your Other Favorite Software

Is there a custom integration that would benefit your venue? Let us know!


1. Discovery

 We’ll chat with you to identify the key goals for your desired integration. This phase is all about ensuring we’re on the same page and clearly outlining the end result / solution. At this stage, we’ll provide an Integration Memorandum of Understanding, which is a helpful outline of the process for each phase of the project. 

2. Technical Analysis & Scope of Work

After reviewing our findings from the discovery phase, we analyze the “nuts and bolts” details—the technical requirements for the project. If your venue has an internal IT team, or a contracted vendor who provides IT services, it’s helpful to have them involved at this stage. Once we have a shared understanding of the requirements, we’ll draft a Scope of Work, outlining the steps to complete the integration from a VenueOps perspective. The Scope of Work also outlines our anticipated completion date and proposed billable costs for our work. It’s important to note that our analysis does not include any costs that may be required by other software providers related to the integration.

3. Development

We follow the approved Scope of Work and start building the elements of your custom integration! Just like the previous phase, it’s also helpful at this stage to include your venue’s internal IT team (or your IT vendor). Any work required by third parties to facilitate the integration with VenueOps will need to be completed during this phase as well.

4. Testing & Deployment

We put the new integration to the test (well, several tests) to make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. Once it’s certified by our engineers and you give it a seal of approval—confirming we’ve provided the desired results—the project will be complete. Enjoy your new custom integration!

Note: We support REST APIs, SOAP APIs, Direct SQL queries, Push notifications, and File upload / download 

“A ‘jack of all trades and a master of none’ is a phrase that should never apply to your venue management software. We focus on making VenueOps an exceptional venue management and booking system. For the rest of all the ‘trades,’ we integrate with some of the best names in SaaS technology.”     – Steve Mackenzie, President of EventBooking


We’d love to talk to you. Whether it’s a question about a current integration or an idea for a custom integration, we’re confident we can accommodate your team’s unique workflow. Contact us!