Friday Lunch

By June 20, 2014 August 9th, 2016 Miscellaney

JohngrillingOne of the high points of each week at EB is Friday Lunch. We usually order in lunch from one of our favorite places (Brown Bag, Mikata, Zoe’s Kitchen…) but during the summer John often breaks out the grill and cooks up some burgers and dogs. While we all enjoy a good meal, there’s so much more to Friday Lunch than the food.

Friday Lunch gets the entire EB team together in one place. Over the past two years we’ve grown so much that we’ve spilled over into the office space next door — the Client Success team is now on the ground floor and the Tech Team has stayed up in the loft. Friday Lunch gets us all in one room and gives us a chance to connect. After we eat, we work through our powerpoint agenda, complete with clip art — the cheesier the better! We get to hear what the development team has been working on, and we’ll often get a show and tell of new features as they move through the development cycle. The client success team shares an overview of the issues our clients have been facing, as well as what our potential clients are looking for in a booking solution. The week’s high points and low points are shared, and on more than one occasion problems shared become problems solved as they’re approached from a different angle. We get to hear John’s vision for the future and everyone sees the road map for getting there. That’s Friday Lunch — not just good food and good company, but good business.

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  • Pat Dixon says:

    Great Friday Lunches,great team,I enjoy working with all of you and the experience of sharing some of your lunches.

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