Get to know our latest Client Success Specialist, Kristi Miles. Multi-talented and a valuable asset to our team, Kristi knows a thing or two about delivering top-notch customer service to our clients AND playing the trumpet. Talk about a winning combo!

Q. Describe your “perfect” meal, complete with dessert.

A. Begin with a nice salad. Then, a steak with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Finishing things off with a nice bowl of ice cream.

Q. What’s something about you that might surprise people?

A. I spent 4 years playing trumpet in the Pride of the Southland Band at UT Knoxville.

Q. What’s something you know more about than most people?

A. The rules to the game of softball.

Q.What is one of your favorite places that you’ve traveled to? Why?

A. New York City. Getting to explore one of the nation’s most storied and historic towns was amazing.

Q.What’s your favorite movie? Favorite book (or favorite Artist/Band)?

A. The Lion King is a movie I have loved since I was 4 years old. My favorite book would be “To Sum It Up” by Pat Summitt. I love too many different genres of music to just pick one, but to name a few Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Francesca Battistelli, Taylor Swift, and Stevie Nicks.

Q. If you could have dinner with one person (living or dead) who would it be?

A. John Lennon.

Q.What’s something you’re passionate about?

A. Music. Playing, listening, and teaching music are things I love to do.

Q. What’s something you would tell yourself 10 years ago?

A. Worry less, practice more.

Q. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

A. Playing piano.

Q. What are your personal hobbies?

A. Camping, fishing, hiking, playing softball, and playing music.

Q.Who inspires you?

A. My parents have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue anything that makes me happy.



Kristi, it’s an absolute honor and joy to have you at EB!

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