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Ask the Allieds

Evelyn Ingram—our VP of Sales—was featured as a guest author for a “Ask the Allieds” online piece, published by the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)!  The original article on IAVM’s website can be found here.

Just what is technology? Technology is a tool—it’s that simple. It’s more than the newest gadget. It’s a tool with a purpose. And when the right tool is in the hands of the right people, using it the right way—impactful results can be seen and felt. When correctly used, the right tool has the power to improve processes, increase productivity, and improve work quality at your venue.

But what is the right tool? Well, that depends on what you want to do. Technology is not “one and done,” otherwise we would still be using Palm Pilots instead of iPhones and Androids. Like it or not, change is constant and technology constantly changes. If it doesn’t, it becomes obsolete. So the tech we use should adjust and adapt—not simply for the sake of change, but for the sake of being purpose-driven. It should keep up with our ever-evolving industry and the goals, needs, and priorities associated with it.

In other words, mindfulness and strategy should be the driving force behind the decisions you make about the technology in your venue.

To determine if a certain piece of technology is right to implement, one needs to consider:

  1. What is the current state of your organization? Your current strategy and tools?
  2. Where do you want to go? How do you see things changing, shifting and growing over the next year, or five years?
  3. How will you get there? How do you plan to shift your strategy and tools from becoming obsolete and inefficient?

A case might be made for maintaining the “status quo” rather than adapting to new technologies and confronting change, as change sometimes means stepping into unfamiliar territory. But true growth happens outside of our familiar comfort zones.

Remember the days of being comfortable and content with the Palm Pilot and dial-up internet?

I think I’ll keep my high-speed internet and smartphone (that is, until a better tool comes along)!


Evelyn Ingram is the Vice President of Sales at EventBooking, where she has served venue professionals for over 16 years. In addition to her IAVM membership that spans over ten years, she has also served on the IAVM Membership Committee, Allied Committee, and was named a 2018 “Woman of Influence” by VenuesNow Magazine, a prestigious award in the event & venue industry.

“Remember the days of being comfortable and content with the Palm Pilot and dial-up internet?”

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