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As if having “Cloud Engineer” in her title wasn’t cool enough, it turns out that Micah Lee also has some pretty cool tastes and interests. Get to know one of our latest additions to the EventBooking team in this Coffee & Conversation feature!

Q. Describe your “perfect” meal, complete with dessert.

A. Jasmine tea or Oolong tea, with steamed sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf (filled with sweet sausage, chinese cured pork, salted egg yolk, and black mushrooms)! Also dumplings and stir-fried baby bok choy with a side of soy sauce! For dessert….oh! Definitely pineapple buns, and toasted sesame balls filled with red bean paste.


   Q. What’s something about you that might surprise people?

A. I loooooove keeping up with the World Surf League Championship Tour.

Q. What’s something you know more about than most people?

A. How to swirl a pretty decent ice cream cone 🙂

Q.What is one of your favorite places that you’ve traveled to? Why?

A. Oahu, Hawaii. I got to go with my brother and visit one of my best friends who is stationed there. I loved getting to see her new home, and the vibe of the trip was great! We lived in our swimsuits and drove around in her jeep with the doors off. We just kinda beach hopped, went snorkeling, scuba diving, ate off food trucks or road side stands, went on some incredible hikes, and drank oh-so-good coffee from a farm close to her place. We also cooked together a ton!

Q.What’s your favorite movie? Favorite book (or favorite Artist/Band)?

A. Oh man—it’s hard for me to have absolute favorites of anything, but I really enjoy White Christmas! Probably because whenever I watch it, it’s usually a family affair and there is definitely dancing! Book—Jane Eyre. I read it when I was 10 and I don’t know, I’ve just loved it ever since. Band—Colony House! Go listen to them, they are fantastic! They are also one of those bands that are even better live, which I love!

Q.What’s something you’re passionate about?

A. Adventuring with friends and family!

Q. What’s something you would tell yourself 10 years ago?

A. Don’t get caught up in busy-ness, spend more time with the people you love.

Q. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

A. How to rock out on the drums.

Q. What are your personal hobbies?

A. Dancing, finding good tunes, running, and I love a good hike!

Q.Who inspires you?

A. My parents and their sacrificial love for people and willingness to do hard things. They inspire me to do my absolute best with everything. Oof haha even washing the dishes properly—my roommate would tell you I’m still working on that one 🙂



Micah Lee, it’s an absolute honor and joy to have you at EB!

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