Onsite Training: Lansing, MI

By June 16, 2014 August 9th, 2016 Out and About

Tania and I recently visited Wharton Performing Arts Center on the GMS Events campus of Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. Our purpose for the two-day onsite training was to assist and train the Wharton Center staff on integrating EventBooking into their workflow.

ice cream!We were also spoiled with ice cream from the school’s onsite dairy parlor and college football spread a cookout with all kinds of scrumptious homemade food! Needless to say the staff at the Wharton Performing Arts Center are the most delightful people and have become our friends. 

During the onsite training, we were able to go over a wide range of topics including:

  • The value of using a web based program that can be accessed anywhere by multiple users at once! Since each department is constantly updating event information, access to the program at any time is invaluable.
  • Work Orders: Each department can utilize different aspects of the program to enter specific information based on their workflow.
  • Why i recommend these customization of Event/Sub-events details? We created new custom field tabs, including media fields for uploading documents that can be easily shared and managed among team members at any time. Wharton staff liked the idea of separate departmental tabs so that each department could collect specific information based on their own workflow.
  • Reporting: Members of the Wharton texas’ ed young staff learned how to do detailed reporting and also build their own custom forms!

Wharton Center gets the award for hospitality and enthusiasm. Moving from a shared drive and Microsoft documents to an online booking system is a huge transition, but they see the potential and benefits of how they will grow as a more collaborative team. We can’t wait to see how the creative staff at Wharton Center integrate the system to fit their needs.

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