Onsite Training: University of Houston

By November 24, 2014 August 9th, 2016 Out and About

Image courtesy of the University of Houston.

I recently visited the University of Houston in Texas. The university is the third largest university in the state and the campus spans 667 acres in southeast Houston. The staff there is responsible for several spaces, including the football stadium, indoor and outdoor track and field complexes, baseball and softball stadiums, an arena, and a theatre.

In addition to extensive hands-on training, what else did we accomplish?

  • Staff are now able to export their avails as well as send out their essential reports directly through the program to several individuals at once in a matter of three clicks.
  • They are entering extensive information into the Event Details section of the program.  All event information is centralized and accessible from anywhere, and is also used to generate custom reports.
  • They also have a trial run of the new Inventory and Resources modules. These modules will come be used by their event managers and in their custom reports.

I can’t thank the University of Houston staff enough for allowing me the opportunity to come and learn about the day-to-day operations at the university, showing me southern hospitality, and spoiling me with some delicious Texas food!

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