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Press Release: EventBooking to Embark on National Workshop Tour

KNOXVILLE, TN—July 7th, 2017— In an effort to celebrate venues across the country, staff members of EventBooking, a software company based in Knoxville, TN are embarking on a national road-trip to host a series of industry workshops in multiple cities across the US.

EventBooking serves over 700 venues across 5 continents, enabling personnel within arenas, convention centers, theatres, and performing arts centers to book events and manage their venue through an online platform.

“EventBooking became the most-trusted booking system in the world by listening”.

Complete with a company-branded RV, the tour will consist of 17 visits to venues in 17 different cities, where CEO John Platillero and two other EventBooking team members will engage with venue professionals from each location in a workshop discussion about the industry.

Their hope is to gather insight about the evolution of technology used within venues, as well as the future technology of booking, marketing, and managing events. All event and venue professionals are encouraged to attend in a city near them, free of charge.

Teh Road to VenueConnect 2017

John Platillero, who founded EventBooking in 1999, stated, “EventBooking became the most-trusted booking system in the world by listening. To that end, this road-trip is just another great way to listen to the industry we serve, be fully engaged, and hear first-hand about the direction it’s headed. And as a company based in Knoxville, TN, it’s not often enough we get to see the people we serve face-to-face.”

The workshop tour has been dubbed The Road to VenueConnect, as the trip will culminate at the annual International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) VenueConnect conference—held this year in Nashville, TN. Equipped with comprehensive feedback from across the country, EventBooking will present their findings at the industry conference on August 8th during a “Venue Chat” session.

More information about The Road to VenueConnect can be found here


Kalyn Sisco

About EventBooking: 

EventBooking is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that specializes in online booking and venue management for arenas, stadiums, convention centers, and performing arts centers. EventBooking takes pride in their clients, who oversee the many moving parts that make a performance, conference, or sporting event possible.

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