“VenueOps has restored our team’s faith in booking systems.”

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Georgia Cooper, a member of the Events Team at National Capital Authority, to learn how VenueOps has transformed the way they book and manage such a wide variety of venue spaces and events.

Story Snapshot:

Previous Frustration:

  • Their previous software was difficult to adopt & embrace
  • No ability to see event information in a snapshot display
  • Limited training and Customer Care

The Solution:

  • Quick & easy staff buy-in to the simple (yet powerful) design & feel of VenueOps
  • VenueOps’ customizable dashboards
  • Award-winning customer service including a continually updated knowledge-base, with free tutorial videos and help-desk access.


Why VenueOps?

  • Unparalleled service, and a knowledge base that has step-by-step instructions including screenshots.
  • Incredible user versatility for each department
  • Easy report generation, dashboard views and event “series” capabilities 

The Whole Story:

About National Capital Authority

The National Capital Authority is responsible for developing an understanding and appreciation of the role of Canberra as the National Capital of Australia. At the heart of the National Capital are unique venues for cultural, public, ceremonial, community celebrations, displays and exhibitions, theatre, musical concerts, food and wine festivals and a myriad of other events. The variety and versatility of their venue spaces makes them a perfect fit for a wide range of events, so it’s no surprise that their staff stay busy year-long and need the utmost efficiency in their internal processes.

Frustration #1: Previous Software was Difficult to Adopt & Embrace (Click to Expand)

Staff were reluctant to use their previous software due to its complicated user experience and because they didn’t get initial training from their provider.  Another huge part of the frustration was the customer service side. They couldn’t get answers on simple things that they were shown in the original demonstration or even show them how to use it and implement it into the system the way that they had previously shown them. In addition, there wasn’t any ongoing training or step by step manuals that they could provide them with.

Solution #1: A Smooth Transition to VenueOps

Georgia was surprised to see how easily and quickly staff members began incorporating VenueOps into their daily work. Because of the experience with their previous software, everyone was a bit skeptical at first. She explained, “The team is really comfortable with it now and they really, really enjoy it. My favorite feature is the ability to add to an existing event and the way that the events are created. Like all the information’s there and prefectures right in front of you and you don’t have to look for it. You guys have sort of restored their faith in booking systems”

Frustration #2: No ability to see event information in a snapshot display

One of the biggest challenges National Capital Authority had was being able to have an aggregated dashboard of event information.

Solution #2: VenueOps' Customizable Dashboard

The different ways VenueOps can display event information with dashboards proved to be extremely helpful. Users have the option to see as much or as little detail as they want, depending on what filters they apply. A dashboard for overall events is probably the best part of the system. If the director wants to look over my shoulder and see the basic overview, it’s literally one click and she can see it all. It has been a game changer.”

Frustration #3: Limited Training & Customer Care

A good majority of the team at National Capital Authority were skeptical about implementing VenueOps because their past experiences failed them in the initial training as well as customer service in general. Because of this they never really adopted and used it their previous system to it’s fullest potential.

Solution #3: Award-winning customer service including a continually updated knowledge-base, with free tutorial videos and help-desk access

Georgia explained how the team has adapted to using VenueOps, “The more trainings we did with VenueOps and then me being able to talk them through things when they got to a certain point, they felt really comfortable. The team felt really comfortable quite early and quite quickly and the skepticism went away because they realized that everything that you were promising, you were actually delivering and they were learning how to use it as we went. You guys have restored their faith in booking systems with the ongoing training, ongoing onboarding, and the consistent help and answers, whenever we need them.”

In less than a year, VenueOps has already empowered the team at National Capital Authority to collaborate more effectively and maximize their day-to-day potential.

When speaking about the time spent putting an event together, Georgia stated, “It used to take us like two to three weeks. And now it’s like easily a week with VenueOps.”

“Our team felt comfortable quite early and quickly. They realized that everything EventBooking promised, they delivered. ”

“Certain members of the team were jumping for joy at the reporting functionality.”

“The continuous training throughout the entire onboarding process was so valuable to us, as well as the support that was and is always accessible.”

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