Thanks for a Wonderful EB Live 2019!

By October 8, 2019 EB Live

That’s a wrap! We loved our time at EB Live 2019! Check out the highlight reel of this year’s client conference, held in Nashville TN.


It’s always a pleasure to spend time with our clients in person, and have plenty of fun along the way.

EB Live 2019 was hosted in Nashville at the Downtown Hilton, and garnered the attendance of venue professionals from across the US. We host EB Live every year to equip our clients with new workflow ideas and best practices, so they can get the most out of VenueOps. It’s a unique opportunity to:

  Connect, share strategies, and brainstorm new ideas from users who have fully adopted VenueOps

  Maximize your use of the software and it’s potential

  Learn from sessions tailored to your role and experience level

  Get to know our team and ask questions one-on-one

  Network with industry professionals and EventBooking partners

  Enjoy and explore beautiful Music City!

We hope you’ll join us next year! EB Live 2020 will be hosted once again at the Nashville Downtown Hilton on October 6-8! More details to come.