Unlimited Users: The New Standard for Venue Management Software

By November 1, 2016 March 14th, 2017 Miscellaney

Unlimited Users: The New Standard for Venue Management Software


What is the purpose of venue management software? To help venue management teams collaborate and communicate more efficiently.

Then why do software providers continue to base their pricing around the number of users? This concept flies in the face of the sales pitch they give you, which generally goes as follows:

Salesperson: “Our system will simplify everyone’s work day because all the information is available automatically when you enter it.”

Venue Manager: “Great! Let’s talk about the price. We have 300 team members who would really enjoy that kind of instant sharing.”

Salesperson: “Okay, sure – 300 people could use the software for only $1,000 per user.”

Venue Manager (after recovering from a heart attack): “Oh wow-there’s no way we can afford that. What are my alternatives?”

Sales Person: “Hmm, well you could purchase licenses for only the vital people in key departments. That way we can bring that number down to around 30 users. How does that work for you?”

The truth is that it does not, and will not, work for you. When 10% of a team uses a system that the entire venue could benefit from, true collaboration is sacrificed in the name of budget.

For many years I have struggled with this oxymoron of an enterprise-wide software platform sold on a per-user basis. In fact, it’s one of the first principles we changed when I joined my current software company. It’s time to give venues what they need and not hold them for ransom with an archaic model that nickels and dimes them. Per-user software licenses may work for many businesses, but a venue is not one of them!

Pricing for enterprise software should reflect it’s purpose–which is to bring your entire team together.

Does yours?


Steve Mackenzie is President of EventBooking, a cloud-based venue management solution that has over 700 clients worldwide and a 99% customer satisfaction rating in regular polls.

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