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Why Do You Choose EventBooking?

By September 7, 2016 October 30th, 2018 Uncategorized

Out of all the venue management softwares out there, why choose EventBooking? We asked some of our clients this question and this is what they had to say:



Karla Mae Eidem: Well the Swiftel Center chooses EventBooking for so many reasons, and it was customized to make sure that the transition was easy.

Bridget Siedlecki: It is very user-friendly, it’s very intuitive, it’s very easy to use.

Mike Cronin: It’s a staff that understands events and understands our workflow. The support staff has seen how an event-flow works and they can speak that language back to the developer. So I love that interaction that Eventbooking has to help out on the support side and understand our needs.

Jeremy Pierce: It’s a more hands-on feel. You don’t feel like you’re being put into a queue. It’s not, “Here’s Jeremy from Irving; we’ll get back to him in a week or so when we have time,” it’s “Hey, he’s put a help-desk ticket in or his team has put a help desk ticket in,” and everyone’s really hands on. They know who you are and the team learns how we learn and learns how we use the system, and that’s what I like.”

Sounds like there’s a reason why every day starts with EventBooking.

Karla, Bridget, Mike, and Jeremy: thanks for telling us your reason.

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